Wednesday, January 30, 2008

February Break

photo by Taylor Long

What is February break you may ask? well it's when Middkids get to shake off the stress from a rigorous month of January term and prepare for spring semester. Unfortunately, no one else in the world is on break this week so there is a good chance that you just end up drinking alone in your parents' house. Oh, and spring break is sixth whole weeks away, so you better get your party on as much as possible for seven days. Even if it's just with your parents and highschool friends that didn't go to college. And then after you show them your amazing collage that was your final project from your J-term class, share these songs that you picked up from your favorite Vermont radio station (blog)!

Gorillaz - el manana (ttc remix produced by Para One) (zshare)

Pacific! - Sunset Blvd (The Touch Remix) (zshare)
Cut Copy - Lights & Music (Boyz Noize Happy Birthday remix) (zshare)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

more obama epicness

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big Dada Celebrates

In 1997 Will Ashon approached the then-heads of Ninja Tune records suggesting a separate hip-hop label that would feature underground British hip-hop acts. 10 years later, Big Dada has proved to be one of the most influential and innovative record labels for hip-hop acts from all over Europe. And what better way to celebrate 10 great years than with the release of a double disc best-of album? Well Deep features all of the big names that started Big Dada off right, like Roots Manuva and Infesticons, as well as the acts that took off after Big Dada solidified it's place in the British music scene, such as TTC, Spank Rock, Diplo and and Busdriver. Most of the songs on this compilation were released between 2000 and 2005, but we all know what age does to fine wine. Here is an update from the Big Dada website of what we should expect to hear in the upcoming months:

"This year looks like being one of our busiest ever! First up are a crop of new signings. Cadence Weapon is dropping his sophomore LP in March, and what a record it is. Rollie's crunchingly catchy, infectious digital production is as 2018 and it is 2008; heavy 4/4 kicks, synth lines and belt-it-out hooks. Combined with his hungry as hell vocals and truly original subject matter, 'Afterparty Babies' is a masterpiece.

Hard at work on debut albums are XRabit and DMGeez, whose first record promises to be a bleeding edge pop-hop classic, and South London's first lady in waiting, Speech. Some serious talent from Big Dada's stable has gone into crafting her album, watch this space for more info and music!

And finally, rumblings are afoot from the camp of one Mr. Manuva... The rumblings sound... well, they sound about as good as they get."

Enjoy these tracks if you don't already have them and keep your ears to the Big Dada (under)ground.

Ty - The Tale (zshare)
Spank Rock - Sweet Talk (zshare)
Part 2 - Hard Times (zshare)
Wiley - 50/50

Oh and speaking of Ninja Tune, the new album from Ghislain Poirier just dropped last week in America, and it is heart-stoppingly dub-tastic.
Once you stop listening to the single "Blazin" which was all over da blogs a couple months ago, you'll realize that if there is any artist that definitely understands how to play to an underlying ancestral phenotype for appreciating some form of music, it's Ghislain Piorier. In the future, this is what all dance clubs will sound like all over the world. But with robots serving drinks. and flying cars.

Ghislain Poirier - No More Blood Featuring Face-T(zshare)
Ghislain Poirier - Dem Nah Like Me Featuring Mr Lee G(zshare)

Keazylove: out.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my newest vice.


check out more here or here or here.

or! here's ward's:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Girl Talk Fotoz

Greg Gillis does Middlebury. Really fun show for sure. People treated him like a rock star. By the way, if anyone has photos of certain under the table action, we'd love to have 'em.

Monday, January 21, 2008


and we will play music and it will be glorious.


british people, pretty colors and metronomy. what could be better? as we wait for mr mount and his friends to finish their album this is a nice aid to help us survive. and with direction from dan brereton and art direction from colin henderson i am happy.

and i love this remix. a lot. even if it is sort of old.

Kate Nash -- Foundation (Metronomy Remix)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

australia is a silly place...

so first off, fun times with mr. gillis last night. i feel like people give him a lot of shit, but regardless of your thoughts on his laptop skills, his shows are pretty fun and hilarious.

now on to australia. im guessing some of you have already heard of corey: the 16 year-old aussie wanna-be party promoter who apparently threw a 500 person house party that terrorized his suburban neighborhood and forced police to retreat from the scene for riot gear & reinforcements. well if you haven't you will now. i just cant get over the fact that this is national headline news in australia.
part 1

part 2

of course, WRMC knows that if you want to throw a 500 person house party, you're going to need these tracks:

Rock It Out - (UNK versus Phunk-a-delic) (zshare)
You Call It Love - Jean Nipon (zshare)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dance Party

Girl Talk. Friday. 10 PM. McCullough Student Center. WRMC will be there. We may or may not condone rushing the gates if you don't have tickets.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

make art not war.

Scott Bakal
America's Peace Campaign
Acrylic on canvas

I have a weakness for politics and for art so when the two collide I die. Not really. But I think that it is really cool. The Society of Illustrators has a collection of 60 images created by the worlds most exciting graphic artist in the world in a show titled Artist Against the War…
Check it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Ninja Tuners

Two of Ninja Tune's (check out the website, it's sick) heaviest hitters, Blockhead and Sixtoo just released new albums last week. Both albums are solo releases that show off the sampling and instrumental production work of these two studio mavericks, usually hidden behind MCs.

Uncle Tony's Coloring Book is a great upbeat collection of traditional Blockhead jazz and funk that you can just imagine Aesop Rock or Murs lyricizing over. It's great to hear his work out in the open like this with focus on the great instrumentals and catchy melodies and heavy drum grooves--everything that you've always heard as background music is here all by itself, and sounds delicious. NYC Bounce is extra savory for anyone feeling a little homesick for some grays papaya tonight.

Blockhead - Coloring Book (zshare)
Blockhead - Duke of Hazzard (zshare)
Blockhead - NYC Bounce (zshare)

Jackals and Vipers in Envy of Man follows the same idea, but due to Sixtoo's nature in general, is a little grimier, a little darker, and a little more industrial. Not that that's a bad thing. This entire collection of 13 untitled tracks takes the listener on a ride through some of Ninja Tune's premium club-grunge and reminds you why Sixtoo is on this label, and why Ninja Tune is still one of the best, most diverse, and ever-evolving record labels out there right now. When I grow up, I want to be Sixtoo.

Sixtoo - Track 7 (zshare)
Sixtoo - Track 10 (zshare)

Monday, January 14, 2008


i like youtube.
and i like to share.

Jape - Floating

one day lets have a food fight please.

Fionn Regan -Be Good or Be Gone


Sol Seppy-Human

pretty pretty.

The Bumblebeez - Dr. Love


Coparck -A Good Year For The Robots

i like british people and robots.

Grizzly Bear -Knife

Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor

lets make babies now.

Cat Power - Where Is My Love?


The Bees- Listening Man


that is good.

Throwback to the Future

Magnetic Fields - "Born On A Train"

Special rare stint in New York at Town Hall February 21-24, and a few shows in Northampton and Somerville, MA before that. Tickets sold out in like .4 seconds but get on eBay and cop that ish! WRMC will be getting a van for your transportation convenience, so keep your eyes peeled or email

Robyn - Be Mine (Ocelot Mthrfckrs Remix)

my new favorite video and song of 2008. ocelot is the shit. i'm gonna spend the rest of jterm punching my friends in the face and filming in it in slow motion;)


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Middlebury Underground: Hometown Heroes

Lovechild and Phil Harmonix.
Wonger and Traktor

Miss those days of chilling in Freeman's ski-lodge-esque underground, drinking beers under the table and having food fights on Friday finger-food nights? Well thanks to Middlebury '08 entrepreneurs Glenn (Gameface) Bickley and Dave Campbell, you can now return to the underground of FIC, only this time you'll be dancing your face off.

After two successful Friday nights in the now renovated former Cook dining hall, former Xanadu (whose idea was that?), The Bunker has established itself as a sanctuary (somehow) from liquor inspectors and lame college noise policies. Every Friday, the Bunker is open from 10pm-2am with drinks served until 1am and heady dance tracks playing all the way until the end. There is no cover charge, so come out to support Middlebury kids partying all the way until 2 in the morning!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

justice (rejected) fabric mix

just got this from the boys at discobelle via urb magazine, and i can't think of a better lazy sunday mixtape (too bad its saturday). apparently this mix wasn't good enough for Fabric, but i like it, and that's really all that matters;)

01 Sparks – Tryouts For The Human Race – Virgin
02 Rondo Veneziano – La Serenissima - Universal
03 Goblin – Tenebrae - Cinevox
04 Daft Punk – Ouverture - Virgin
05 Surkin – Next Of Kin – Institubes
06 Symbolone – Love Juice - SymbolOne
07 Korgis – Everybodys Gotta Learn Sometimes – Angel Air
08 Midnight Juggernauts – Ending Of An Era – Mindight Juggernauts
09 The Paradise Ft Romauld – In Love With You – Vulture
10 Justice – TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY (Acapella) – Ed Banger
11 Chic – Everybody Dance – Atlantic
12 Frankie Valli – Who Loves You – Warners
13 Das Pop – Underground – Das Pop
14 Julien Clerc – Quand Je Joue – EMI
15 Daniel Balavoine – Vivre Ou Survivre – Barclay
16 Richard Sanderson – Reality - Barclay
17 Zoot Woman – Grey Day – Wall Of Sound
18 Fucking Champs – Thor Is Like Immortal – Drag City
19 The Rave – Mother – The Rave
20 Fancy – You Never Know - Fancy
21 Frank Stallone – Far From Over - Universal
22 Sheila – Misery – Warners
23 Todd Rundgren – International Feel - Warners

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Women I Love: Part I

Since the North American drop of Sally Shapiro's sophomore album this past October, I decided to portion off a little corner of my heart for this Swedish disco princess. Hidden behind her pseudonym stage name, this mysterious Swede has never performed live or done live interviews (according to Wikipedia). While the album wasn't that groundbreaking or inspirational in that drop-everything-and-dance way, there is something about her voice that is very addictive in soothing way, or maybe soothing in an addictive way. She manages to bring a sensitivity and soft-key to Italo disco very similar to what Erland Oye did for folk-electronica. And you know what that means: great tracks to remix.

Johan Agebjorn (the producer of her debut album) recently released this remix of a song originally by Don Juan Dracula and added Sally's voice over it to create something perfect for these El Nina days. The second track is a remix of a Sally Shapiro song by the Kimono Kops that we picked up this past summer on palmsout.

Take Me Home (Johan Agebjörn Remix feat. Sally Shapiro) (zshare)
Hold Me So Tight (Kimono Kops remix) (zshare)

Monday, January 7, 2008


Girl Talk. January 18th. Middlebury College.
get your tickets now, here;)

Grizzly Bear - The Knife (Girl Talk Remix)

The Politik Remix/Artwork Competition!

hey there laptop djs and laptop artists. just got an email from a few brits that call themselves The Politik. hiphop/soul/funk is how they define their tunes and i think they sound pretty fresh. but fresh or not, they are inviting all of you laptop jockeys to take your best shot at remixing selected tracks from their debut album. and for those less musically inclined (or more into art and graphic design), there is an artwork competition, too. so click on the picture above for the details. and if you want to hear more about The Politik, check out their myspace and listen to the whole album on their imeem page;)

entries close april 14th, so hurry up and get famous.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

david shrigley is my god.

and i like the grizzly bears too.

also hi. i am aaron.

Friday, January 4, 2008

i like him a-lot

this isn't a political blog but i thought i needed to post this speech from last night. if this speech doesn't move you then you really don't have a heart or any kind of human emotion. also, i think i can safely say that obama has won the unofficial endorsement of wrmc 91.1fm's special productions department.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

snoop dogg is certainly a genius...

i know i'm a couple weeks late on this but i finally got around to watching the video for sensual seduction today and its freaking amazing. snoop's classy lyrics and vocoder-ed stylings made this an instant classic for me on first listen, and this love was definitely driven home by hearing the song once every half hour on hot97 this holiday break. but i'm gonna stop writing 'cause the video already says it all;)

and cop this fresh remix by solly. (courtesy of the missingtoof)

snoop dogg - sensual seduction (solly's bmore remix)