Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Most Gentle G I've Ever Seen

solo track from Jedi Mind Trick's Vinnie Paz that will be on his album Assassin's Creed. I'm into the lack of violent lyricism normally heard from him, and generally real into this song.

Monday, October 26, 2009

CMJ Music to Love

For those of you not in the college radio loop, CMJ is both a magazine - the College Music Journal, basically the Billboard of College radio - and a spectacular music festival which wrapped up in NYC this weekend. Amongst the many, many artists and labels and promoters and stations in attendance were a few stand-outs:


Anyone who can play folk rock over a swing beat and incorporate an accordian without sounding like the musical equivalent of a bowtie (for clarification, see Professor Hamlin), deserves nothing but love. Check out their songs Character Piece and Elders.

Friendly Fires

These guys provide the music festival's requisite electro pop (allegedly with punk influences...) with punchy beats and a decidely dancefloor-friendly sound. Give Skeleton Boy and Paris a listen.

Still Life Still

Quite simply, if your slow mornings don't yet have a soundtrack, look no further than Still Life Still. If they already have a soundtrack, add Kid and Pastel to it.

Umm. Yummy.

Devendra Banhart.

New music you say? A live performance? In Vermont?

Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive.

1) Devendra's new album, "What Will We Be," is available this week, in fact tomorrow, on Warner Brothers Records. Oh, man, Warner Brothers Records.

Here is a new track, Baby, that is swell.

2) Like what you hear? Check him out live on November 19. Support live music, seriously.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

forget teasin huggin i need that tender lovin

Mayer Hawthorne - Your Easy Lovin Ain't Pleasin' Nothin (Download)

(783) 2:12 - hey do you want to do the corn maze ? it's supposed to be fun
(867) 2:13 - yeah for sure! I'll swing by your house soon?
(783) 2:15 - yessss

(867) 5:32 - yoo you left your coat in my car
(783) 5:45 - oh thanks for grabbing it. want to get some dinner?
(867) 5:50 - yeah sure! I'll come pick you up

(783) 10:12 - ____ whats up? come over to my place were making party!
(867) 10:15 - alright sweet! I'll see you in a few

(867) 12:37 - hey i had fun dancing with you! whered you go?
(867) 1:23 - come to spare ribs house . it's rad!
(867) 2:13 - alright. guess i'll see you around...


E-603 played in the Gamut Room on Friday; Rick and Rad opened.  It was a killer night of dancing and mashing (a specific type of dancing) and crushed ice (not a dance move).

Check out a new video with E-603 here:

I'm going to start posting a ton on here.  Talk to you soon.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Songs From the Summer

As I'm sitting in my bed at the mercy of the swinest of times with solo cups filled with h20 and proctor brown napkins crumpled up with nose boogies i find myself nostalgic for the only time of the year when sickness isn't a biggie. summer. i think germs fly down to the southern hemisphere or something because for those few months it's pretty much impossible to get a cold. fall usually rocks. but i suppose flus with numeric and consonant codings tend to put a damper on even the most glorious of weather.

these songs are neat.

The Drums - Let's go Surfing

The Drums - Down By the Water

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Friday, October 2, 2009

Save Your Radio!

Do you love free radio?

More importantly, do you love WRMC?

If you enjoy the benefits of free radio - and local, non-Clear Channel, non-Cumulus radio in particular - you need to know that bills are presently pending in Congress which would endanger small stations.

Essentially, these bills would impose a performance tax on every single radio play of every song controlled by BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC - the big three royalties companies who own the rights to the vast majority of recorded music you hear on the radio. In an ideal world, the proceeds from this tax would go directly to the artists. However, it appears that in fact, most of the revenues will benefit the royalties conglomerates instead.

Most importantly, this tax would endanger the small radio stations who help recording artists get their start. Little radio stations serve the recording industry and the artists by getting new music out there - we put in the legwork to help artists make it to the big time. In WRMC's illustrious past, we've had Yo La Tengo and Ratatat, to name but two, on our radar - and thus on the air - long before they "broke." To cite an even larger example, Buddy Holly (and the Crickets) started out on a local radio station in Texas long before he became the star whose death shook the world.

If you want to help local, independent radio stay on the air - some won't be able to afford these new taxes - please take a look at:
Save Free Radio!
Free Radio Alliance

Thursday, October 1, 2009

1,2... 1,2,3,4!!!

4 Conditions To Be Met for a Guaranteed Awesome Show:
  1. A really f*cking awesome band.
  2. Songs you can sing (rather shout) along to.
  3. Songs you can rhythmically convulse to.
  4. A band that demands your participation in the collective concert experience.
Now, hm... what awesome Brooklyn duo could be playing in Burlington next week that has a knack for all of these conditions...

Matt & Kim of course!

Yes! It is true! Matt and Kim are playing at the Higher Ground Tuesday, October 6th, and it is definitely something to be stoked about. These guys rock the stage with their power pop goodness, oozing the essential energy needed to make a good show. Watching Kim alone bash on her drums makes even the most non-chalant hipster tap his foot and maybe give a casual head bob.

Tickets are on sale online and at the door. Worth it? I'll let you decide in 2:10...

-- The Super Intern