Thursday, December 27, 2007

M.I.A. wtf?

In her continuing quest for pop-culture domination, Maya Arulpragasam has been collecting more awards and accolades than she knows what to do with. The latest: Blender Magazine's best album of 2007. And of course, never one for brevity, Maya monologued in her interview about the "struggles" of being a refugee and how much her ex-boyfriend, Diplo, was a huge dick:
Meanwhile, I broke up with my boyfriend Diplo. It was a bit of a nasty split. Diplo is American, and I really wish he'd spoken up for me during my whole immigration saga. I was in so much trouble, but he never stuck his neck out to support me. Just a word or two in the press could have helped. He talks about helping black kids in the ghetto, about saving poor kids in the Brazilian favela, and yet he couldn't spare a word to help me, a refugee from Sri Lanka, par of a race that's dying out! The opening lines to "BirdFlu" describe exactly how I felt: "Big on the underground/What's the point of knocking me down?"
Now hold on just a sec. did she just trash talk her ex-boyfriend in a national publication? yes, she did. was it warranted? i think not. first off, that was tactless, and second, what the f%&k is she so pissed off about. so the U.S. government decided her song content and her familial links to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam made her a terrorist. what the f$%k was Diplo supposed to do about that? Sure he's fairly critically acclaimed, but he isn't Susan Sarandon. did she really think he could just call the NYtimes and bitch and everything would be better? (let's also not forget the only reason we like her first album is because diplo produced the beats and that the piracy funds terrorism mixtape was much better than her actual album)

whether she likes it or not, the best thing that happened to her career was being labeled a terrorist. sure i love paper planes and the first album was fun, but let's face it: M.I.A.'s fame is 70% image, 30% music. Also, i'm getting kind of tired of listening to this bitch tell us how hard her refugee/immigrant life has been. yeah we all know you had to escape Sri Lanka because your daddy was a Tamil general (or something like that), but why don't you start singing songs about being a little W. European capitalist in London?

if that's not enough she has the balls to brag about how she's above it all, living in Bed-Stuy, Bklyn with the other "outsider" African immigrants. Well that's a lot of bullshit when your clothes cost more than your rent and you're making a million plus a year. M.I.A., i think you're really hot and your music is cool. but don't let it get to your head, or sooner than later you're just gonna be another washed up Gwen Stefani, making shitty albums and even shittier clothing.

and Diplo, don't sweat it buddy, you're still cooler than the other side of my pillow.
(and if anyone forgot why cop these tracks asap)

Diplo/Pase Rock - The Motherfucking Rave is Over
Diplo - Shhake it Up (Twist and Shout)
Hot Chip - Shake A Fist (Diplo Remix)
Spoon - Don't You Evah (Diplo Remix)
The Black Lips - Veni Vidi Vici (Diplo Remix)
M.I.A. & Diplo - China Girl (Diplo Mix)
M.I.A. & Diplo - Fire Bam (Diplo Mix)

and one more time for the ladies:
Diplo - The BBC Radio1 Essential Mix

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


wrmc 91.1FM would simply love to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!!

Pocketknife - Linus and Lucy (Hark, the Holler Remix)

Friday, December 21, 2007

State of the Station

As the last days of 2007 fart themselves out, magazines and blogs are bonking us all over the head with retrospectives, Top (blank) lists, and other propaganda that comfort us with a contrived sense of closure as we dive head first into 2008. We at WRMC wait all year for this time-honored tradition practiced by many.

WRMC saw a lot in 2007. Among many other things, we:
-started this blog (just cracked 20,000 hits yay)
-played music for people
-hosted talk shows
-threw dance parties
-dropped many a figurative ball

Given the amount of times we've said "Oh, we'll put it off/do/leave that for next semester," 2008 looks like it will be nothing short of a spine-tinglingly good year for WRMC.

The new year always starts with a hangover and an empty soul, waiting to be filled with anything and everything our favorite media outlets will feed us. Until then, it is our primary duty as a radio station to provide you, our faithful readers, with another list to contemplate before you dance 2007 off the face of the earth.

The Best Random Songs in the Rock Vein of 2007 (Favors the "possibly overlooked" category, but not exclusively. Cheesy elements a plus. Remixes and Grammy-noms don't count. Well, for the most part. Neither do the songs used in Juno.)*
*The following list does not necessarily express the views of WRMC 91.1 FM and its partners and fellows, though we do talk about music a lot with each other, so maybe it does?

Animal Collective - "Chores"
AC delivers more decomposing deliciousness.

Art Brut - "Late Sunday Evening"
Talking art-rockers somehow don't get more annoying

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - "I Came To Hear The Music"
Testament to the fact that good music of old can still come in the mail

Art in Manila - "Our Addictions"
Members of Azure Ray, we've written bout them befo

Bishop Allen - "Like Castanets"

"Believable" (RM) good music

Land of Talk - "Summer Special"
Why don't we hear more from these guys?? So good.

The Dirty Projectors - "No More"

Yes please

Bat For Lashes - "The Wizard"


Grinderman - "I Don't Need You (To Set Me Free)"
Nick Cave

Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Sun Lips"
Creepos in the woods make some of the best music of the year

LCD Soundsystem - "All My Friends"

Aqueduct - "Lying In The Bed I've Made"

Inescapable hook

The Cripple Lilies - "Bella Of The Rocks"
yes. Even though it sounds eerily like the Eels' "Railroad Man"

Iron & Wine - "Carried Home"
From Boy With A Coin EP

Low - "Always Fade"

Listen only to Low albums and I'll see you in hell

Black Lips - "Not a Problem"

Live in Tijuana

The National - "Start a War"
Obvi II

The Go! Team - "Universal Speech"
More 80'ssitcomtronic

Blonde Redhead - "Top Ranking"

Black Kids - "Hurricane Jane"
Great free songs

Au Revoir Simone - "Sad Song"
So cheesy it might actually be "sad," but hey.

Arthur & Yu - "Lion's Mouth"

Check out our interview with Grant and Sonya

Bitter, Bitter Weeks - "Danger in the Halls"

#1 in "straight rock with overproduced vocals"

Okkervil River - "Unless It's Kicks"
Hyperbrain can still rock

Marissa Nadler - "Dying Breed"
Not freak folk

Get Set Go - "I'll Be Your Heroin"
The Mr. T Experience of my youth finds me once again, this time on drugs

The Weakerthans - "Hymn Of The Medical Oddity"
4th album post-Propagandhi and still lovely.

Beirut - "Cliquot"
Mr. Condon is quickly becoming the new Mr. Oberst. Please God no.

Bodies of Water - "These Are The Eyes"
Check out previous feature. Religiously infused anthems

Dappled Cities - "Vision Bell"

Tiny Vipers - "Shipwreck"

Tegan & Sara - "The Con"

St. Vincent - "Marry Me"
Since my experience at the R.Spektor show in Middlebury this fall forever ruined her music, I'm glad she's come along.

A Hawk And A Hacksaw - "Serbian Cocek"
Yay Jeremy please come to Middlebury

The Sea And Cake - "Coconut"
More tastiness

Los Campesinos! - "You! Me! Dancing!"
I like the video too

Kevin Drew - "Safety Bricks"

KD from BSS delivers OK album and POOPY live show

Architecture in Helsinki - "Heart It Races"
Here's where I probably should have made an exception to the remix rule

Shout Out Louds - "Normandie"
The sun does not set on the Von Arbin Ahlander media empire

The Dagons - "How To Get Through The Glass"

Panda Bear - "Take Pills"

Oxford Collapse - "Please Visit Your National Parks"
What good music used to have to sound like

Mice Parade - "The Last of Ten Homes"

Oh No! Oh My! - "Our Mouths Were Wet"
My shaky legs

Laura Veirs - "Pink Light"

Drifting along with my swords out flying

The Brunettes - "Her Hairagami Set"
This album took forever to come out

Band of Horses - "Is There A Ghost," "No One's Gonna Love You," "Cigarettes Wedding Bands"

email me if you would like mp3's of any of the above that aren't linked. or go to and from there you can read better blogs. hotcha!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

Basserk Sampler

Basserk: the newest Euro electronica label channeling their freshest electro, punk and pistolpop out of Amsterdam. Started by Tom Schivez (Mex), Peerte Trunt(S)and Rufus Baxendale (UK) in 2005, these guys are on to something. The latest mix called Some Tunes features music from all of their big new acts including Melomanics, Genjini, Sneakthief and other artists I've never even heard of. The music is bumpin with enough pop glitch to tear your head up a little bit. Their website advertises great taste in electronica no matter what the sub-genre because they "love music, not just one style." Cool, but all I wanna do is dance.

Genjinji - Das Funkistador (zshare)

MeloManics - Wysiwyl (zshare)

Nobody Beats the Drum - Turn up the Box (zshare)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

WWWednesday 16 (From the Vaults)

So for this week's WWWednesday I decided it would be fun to do a 'from the vaults' edition. Maybe it's because the station is a quarter-mile of tundra away from my warm room, or because we just haven't gotten any killer tracks in the last couple weeks, or just because there is so much good music in there that no one ever listens to anymore. So here is me bringing back music from the last couple years that def would have made the lists if the blog was up back then. I hope you find something that you've never heard before and then let it rock your world:

Royksopp/Erlend Oye (DJ Kicks) - This track is off of an album that is an entire set by DJ Kicks featuring tracks from Kings of Convenience's star Erlend Oye. So heady, so cool.
Poor Leno- Silikon Soul Rmx (zshare)

Goldfrapp (Supernature) - I barely even remember 2005. I certainly don't remember listening to this song. I feel like it would have changed my life back then.
Number 1 (zshare)

Remington Super 60 (All the Songs From Pling 2001) - Norwegian pop/easy listening. Super addictive.
Oh No Oh Yeah (zshare)

Miss Kitten and the Hacker (First Album) - The Irish kids that I lived with in Berkeley loved this and had "to be famous is so nice suck my dick kiss my ass" scrawled on the wall of their apartment.
Frank Sinatra (zshare)

Avenue D (2D2F EP) - NSFW. From their website: "What happens when you're a pair of fabulously hot girls (barely old enough to drink) from the moist and pseudo-primordial land of Miami who enjoy the musical strains of rap, freestyle, 80's New Wave, and punk? Well, if you're Debbie D. or Daphne D., you have no choice but to morph like a magical, fantastic robot into a volatile, hilarious ghetto booty group called Avenue D." I couldn't have said it any better myself.
2D2F (zshare)

Jamie T (Calm Down Dearest B Sides) - Great song. Great lesson. Kill Fox News.
Fox News (zshare)

Salif Keita (Moffou) - This song is so incredibly danceable. It will be stuck in your head all day. and so will the music video, which you should def watch.
Madan (Martin Solveg remix)(zshare)

Royksopp (Royksopp's Night Out Live EP) - I love both groups so this track is a no brainer. and it's live, which is the tits.
Go With the Flow (Queens of the Stone Age cover)(zshare)

Theswimmingpools (Ifallinlove100timesaday) - This song isn't even that old, but somehow the cd got discarded to the back of the office. Fucking hipsters.
I'llsoonbefree (zshare)

(Live EP) - This may be the strangest thing I've found in the studio before; there was barely any information about the album and the cd looked like it was burned with just a picture of Robyn playing live and this track.
Since You've Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson cover)(zshare)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So I just discovered (with the help of digg) the newest and coolest way for fans and artists to connect and share their experiences. And it's based on the market system, so it has to work. Created by two USC students James Miao and Samuel Hsiung, thesixtyone is a site where artists upload their music, fans upload new music they've found, and then everyone rates everything together. The catch? you have a limited number of bumps (how you rate a song) that you can spend, but if songs that you've bumped get a lot of other bumps, you win more bumps to spend. Musical casino! So whether you are an artist that just wants their music heard, or you're a fan that wants to prove how good you are at picking new acts, thesixtyone is pretty much a win-win situation. Kudos to the creators for quitting their day jobs to make another music site for our generation--maybe one day they'll be richer than that facebook guy.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

COUSIN COLE!!!!!!!!!!!

cousin cole is terrific. normally 1/2 of flagrant fowl with thealsoveryhot pocketknife (check out discobelle's megapost and get the alicia keys remix;), this bklyn native has lately been bangin out one club banger after another, and the kids have been eating it up. its actually kind of nauseating to think of how many times i've played his soulja boy remix at parties this fall. (despite my nausea, it will no doubt remain a crowd favorite, especially among the football and soccer teams;) in short, cousin cole's remixes make top 40 pop/hiphop really fun to dance to. get this steez and keep checkin his myspace for new tracks and concert dates to come.

Moodymann - Technology Stole My Vinyle
I figured this would be a great way to start the mix off. This is
brand new genius material from Kenny Dixon, Jr.

Daniel Wang - Like a Dream I Can’t Stop Dreaming
I wanted to play some early night type records, the kind of songs
that people will dance to without ever having heard them before.
Disco is the king!

In Flagranti - Business Acumen
I’m jealous of these guys. They’re making pretty great music, and it
sounds a little different from what anyone else is doing. I like to
think it’s a New York thing.

Ost & Kjex - Milano Mongolian (A Thrilling Mungophony In Two Parts)
This is actually a Mungolian Jetset remix of Milano Model. Like it
says, it’s in two parts, and I just used the second part (the whole
track’s more than 11 minutes long!)

Moodymann - Inspiration From a Small Black Church on the East Side of Detroit
I used this to transition to some housier songs. I also thought it
would make sense to go from this into the Roland Clark, since they’re
both about God and all.

Roland Clark - God is Good (DJ Spen Dub)
I really love spiritual house music. This is one of my favorite
tracks from last year. DJ Spen makes music to play in the club, and
he’s from Baltimore, but this is definitely not Baltimore Club.

Cousin Cole - Zing Boom (Demo)
This is a remix I just did. I think it’s pretty good but the drums
and some of the other sounds need some work. I’m not going to say
what it’s a remix of, so maybe it’ll be more exciting when you hear
it. Check it out though.

Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up for Detroit
Yeah, this has been out for a while, but so many of my actual friends
(not dj-friends) are going to be psyched to hear it. Besides, I made
up a little blend (see below) that fits pretty nicely, and I really
wanted to play it here. I edited this a little because I think it
takes too long between the breakdowns.

Blaqstarr - Hands Up Thumbs Down
Thank you Serato loop feature!!

Simian - Never Be Alone
I’m one of those assholes who’s been playing the Justice remix
forever and is totally sick of it. I actually started playing the
original instead of the remix about a year ago, before most people
here were playing the remix (I’m so cool right?). It was a bitch to
get the 45 of this from Europe when I didn’t use Serato. Things done
changed, I guess.

Alter Ego - Rocker
This is a couple years old, but I’ve never heard anyone play it out
in New York (maybe this says more about where I go than anything
else). It’s still an awesome song, and maybe even ahead of it’s time.

DJ Class - Tear Da Club Up
Oh man, another song everyone’s probably sick of. Whatever; this is a
king among songs, and I don’t think I’m going to get tired of playing
it. I hate when DJs play it before they’ve really had a chance to
“rock this bitch” — am I supposed to tear the club up for you or the
guy who just played before you?

Cousin Cole ft. Notorious BIG - Where Brooklyn At
This is a synthesis of ideas from Griff & Booman (Pick Em Up) and DJ
Mister Cee (Where Brooklyn At), but it’s not really a mashup. Maybe
you could call it an interpolation. I wanted to throw in that SWV
“Right Here” response too, but I couldn’t get it to where I liked it.
The sound quality is pretty shitty, but I don’t really care. Raw dog!!

Rod Lee - Star Track
This is like three great club songs in one, but for this mix you only
get to hear two of them. So go find the real thing!

Mr. Oizo - Patrick 122 (Extended Saxophone Edit)
BLOG HOUSE!! This shit is funky as hell. The saxophone sounds like
it’s trying to play slower but the drums keep whipping it into shape.

Diddy - Get Off (DJ Booman mix)
This track is so great. It makes me retroactively love everything
Puffy’s ever done. And Booman is making some of the best club music
I’ve heard lately. (I think I kind of fucked up the mix into this;

Cousin Cole ft. Jocelyn Brown - Why Waste Your Time (Demo)
This is a new club track I made from Jocelyn Brown’s “Love’s Gonna
Get You” acapella and inspired by Bizarre Inc.’s “Why Waste Your
Time.” Dumb and simple. The kick drums sound like shit here. I guess
I played it too loud.

Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson & DOE - Way I Are (Cousin Cole’s Unwound Mix)
Man, I’m SO happy with this remix. I feel like an asshole for saying
it, but I really love it — I’ve probably listened to it about 40
times since I made it a week ago. If you didn’t guess, the samples
are chopped from Marva Whitney’s “Unwind Yourself” (the original
source for Mark the 45 King’s “The 900 Number,” itself the source for
DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat.”) I feel like this could be on Hot
97… Someone make it happen!

Cousin Cole - More Models
This is my remix of “Make it Rain (Remix).” I didn’t let it play past
the first chorus, but let me just say I love R Kelly on this song!

MIA - Bird Flu (Guns Up Buraka version)
Got this off the Mad Decent website. I prefer the original, but I
think this one hits a little harder and it’s easier to mix. MIA’s new
album is shaping up to be amazing.

Wes Fif ft. BOB - Haterz Everywhere (Cousin Cole Remix)
My remix isn’t too different from the original, but I think it’s cool
anyway. I was trying to go for an Ed Banger-y overdriven bass sound
but I don’t know if it really came out. You’ll be pleased to know
that it’s still a rap song (I didn’t give it a dance beat except in
the intro). I edited out the second verse just to move along more

Allez Allez - African Queen (Quiet Village remix)
And then we come down…

Noosha Fox - The Heat is On
This is a nice oddball summer song by the singer of “SSSingle
bed” (Fluxblog I see you!) I think this might be considered Balearic
or Cosmic or something or maybe it’s too weird and poppy.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Heads Up

to get you in the mood...

Tittsworth - Titts'mas(zshare)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Neon Neon

From the combined ultra-genius of LA producer Boom Bip plus Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals comes Neon Neon, an electro-incredible tour de force. Consistent with the 80's revival that is dominating the new music scene, Neon Neon cuts right to the chase with a concept album chock full of dirty electro and hip-hop bumping revolving around the life of an 80's automobile playboy named John DeLorean. From listening to this EP one time, you can only guess as to what amazingness the full album will bring. Combined with hints that it will also feature help from Yo Majesty!, the Magic Numbers, and Beck, the complete Neon Neon album promises to be something to look forward to. In the meantime, enjoy these EP samplers.

myspace is the new place for hearing neon neon tracks.
get the full length this monday.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Buy Anything Day

If you participate in the international version of Buy Nothing Day today, you hate America. Maybe you like shopping, but you don't like big crowds or the adrenaline rush of getting the last parking spot, and so you cower in your home all day waiting for the lines to go down while secretly doing all of your shopping online. But you still hate America.

On the other hand, if you participate in Buy Nothing Day because you think that you are upholding the true spirit of the holidays, you hate America and you didn't pay attention to Jesus. Remember Jesus said, "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Luke 18:25)". So unless you have a tiny camel or a big fucking needle, you best go out and spend all of that money that this glorious nation has passed on to you so that by the time you die, you are not as rich as the man behind you. And think of the children; for every pair of shoes that you don't buy, there is a Chinese family that won't get a serving of rice for the day.

And in terms of holiday spirit, forget about it. The entire holiday season stems from pagan beliefs and Harry Potter stories so if you don't shop the entire time, you might get struck down by Zeus the god of consumption and globalization. My advice? Why try to put something back into the holidays that was never there in the first place? Just because you're out shopping doesn't mean that you can't be full of holiday spirit; with all of that human interaction you're bound to get the opportunity to open the door for someone, or help an old lady carry her bags to the car or let that other car cut you off. The people that would have you believe that the process of not shopping will somehow save your soul are the same people that would rather have you save your money to put in the coffer when it comes around to your pew. It's not how much you shop, it's simply how you shop that matters. So get out there, buy this new ridiculously hot American Apparel dress:

and get yourself a new pair of shoes, but be full of holiday spirit the entire time. Go America.

Amy Winehouse - Fuck Me Pumps (Mylo remix)(zshare)

Friday, November 23, 2007


tons of songs to remind you that not all (new) hiphop sucks balls;)

Cam'ron drops an epic two disc mixtape and of course pleases the hell out of everyone. download the whole mixtape here.

Cam'ron - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Cam'ron - Kill My Dog ft. Tom Gist

Wale. the ambassador of rap for the capital. as far as i'm concerned, kanye and 50 both lost because the albums they spent millions producing and advertising didn't even come close to being as good as the mixtape Wale put out for free with Nick Catchdubs. get it here.

Wale - Nike Boots

Wale - Good Girls (Cousin Cole Remix v1.4)
Wale - Freaks (DJ Quixotic and Brontosaurus Remix)

kid sister, born melissa young in markham, il. she's hot. her brother is half of flosstradamus. she's dating a-trak. sadly shit fell through and kid sister won't be gracing VT with her presence anytime soon:(

Kid Sister - Switch Board
Kid Sister - Pro Nails ft. Kanye West
Chromeo - Tenderoni (Sinden Remix ft. Kid Sister)

Cool Kids. they played the daft punk after party. they are currently on tour with M.I.A. their tracks are fresh and they dress like a hipster version of run dmc. cool kids are cool as shit. hopefully we'll be seeing them in the northeast kingdom this fall?!(fingers crossed)

Cool Kids - Black Mags

Cool Kids - What It Iz
Cool Kids - Gettin' It ft. Lil Wayne

his beard is silly. he hails from philly. (sorry i won't do that again) but seriously freeway's new album feels a lot like the game's debut work. he sounds genuine and jay-z and 50 produce the shit out of him. (and that's a good thing;)

Freeway - Nuttin' On Me

Freeway - Take it to the Top ft. 50 Cent

*we don't do hiphop posts often so if you feel like i missed someone or completely missed the boat comment and let us know.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blast from the Past

Once upon a time, I found this album called Motown Remixed in the studio. I played it and made people dance for months. Then it got forgotten and put back in the shelves of the music library where forgotten cds go. But then I found it again yesterday and listened and danced again. If you haven't heard this, get on it.

I Want You Back - Jackson 5 (z-trip remix)(zshare)
Tears of a Clown - Smokey Robinson (Hotsnax remix)(zshare)
ABC - Jackson 5 (Salaam Remy Krunk-A-Delic Party Mix)(zshare)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Lattice Group

long time friends of wrmc 91.1fm Astri von Arbin Ahlander and Vetta Kofman have recently launched a project/non-profit/organization named The Lattice Group and they have a snazzy new website brought to you by some of the finest scandinavian designers;) As it was explained to me, the mission of The Lattice Group is to raise awareness and discussion about work-life conflicts. (i.e. men vs. women in workplace/career paths/etc.) of course its a lot more complex than that but you'll have to visit the site to learn more:
and for your listening pleasure....
The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (zshare)
p.s. if you want an in-person explanation, be sure to stop by the library cafe seven days a week. they hang out there a lot

Thursday, November 15, 2007


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i've been wanting to write this post for awhile now but alas, life sometimes gets in the way of the internet. but anywho, Mercurius FM = EPIC. like no joke. this guy is from phoenix, AZ and according to his myspace he is 20/WHITE/MALE/RAD (not necessarily in that order). I know i've thrown epic around a lot this year, but i can objectively say now that Mercurius FM is thoroughly homeric. He's not just another white kid that figured out traktor, this guy has an an amazing ear and an original sound and he is remixing everything.....

and he has a delicious new EP out....
but you're going to have to buy this one on your own. get it on his myspace page. now.

p.s. also head over to the myspace page to hear his epic and yet to released remix of New Jack

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WWWednesday 15

Ok guys, sorry for the long time with no updates. If you've ever studied at Middlebury in October, you know that shit gets crazy. Right now I should be studying economics but the utility cost of getting out this new music is much higher (especially when half of it is from Sweden), so here goes:

Muscles (Guns Babes Lemonade) - Of course everyone has been dancing to this one for a while, but we just got the whole album in the station. so to celebrate, flex 'em.
Ice Cream (zshare)

The Mary Onettes (The Mary Onettes) - Genius. It's like if New Order got young again, changed their name and were from Sweden.
Pleasure Songs

Tempo No Tempo (Repetition EP) - East yayo rockers and their post-punk jerk-out sound from the new EP.
Repetition (zshare)

Coconut Records (Nighttiming) - WRMC <3 Jason Schwartzman!!!
West Coast (zshare)

Emily Jane White (Dark Under Coat) - Theme song from the new movie coming out, aptly titled "Wild Tigers I Have Known".
Wild Tigers I Have Known (zshare)

Kylie Minogue (X) - No, we actually don't have this album yet, but it's too exciting not to post this released track.
In My Arms (zshare)

The Hives (The Black and White Album) - Although these Swedes never really caught on in America, the album is still fun and rockin. Also, I heard they were in the studio with...Timbaland? And Pharrel?
Won't Be Long (zshare)

Joe Lally (Nothing is Overrated) - I can't stand Fugazi, but this song is dope.
Painfully Aware (zshare)

Lightspeed Champion (Galaxy of the Lost) - So after leaving Test Icicles, Devnote Hynes went to Omoha to record a folk album. That's right. And this song is also dope. And it's about the infamous nightclub in Middlebury.
Xanadu (zshare)

Anna Ternheim (Anna Ternheim) - (more) Swedish singer songwriter who also sings beautifully in English.
Today is a Good Day (zshare)

Cary Brothers (Who Are You) - Remember those guys that were famous for awhile from that song on the Garden State soundtrack? Well they released a whole album of that stuff this summer.
Ride (zshare)

Jens Lekman (Night Falls Over Kortedala) - Here is some of that sweet Swedish indie pop everyone's been talkin about. So much Sweden today...
If I Could Cry (zshare)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last Night Seamus Haji Saved My Life

Over the last couple months, there have been some crazy cool remixes coming out of the UK from DJ/Producer Seamus Haji from the record label Big Love. Probably most notably and most famously, the club mix of Rihanna's Umbrella song. But it didn't start there and it sure doesn't stop there; Haji has been big a big star from his hometown of Brighton for like 10 years now over there, and America is slowly catching up. His characteristic 4 to the floor beats and big flashy, classy club style has been applied to the likes of Rihanna, Roison Murphy, Orson and most recently Calvin Harris. This song is incredelectoible. Check out his myspace and these tracks:

Calvin Harris - Colours (Seamus Haji remix)(zshare)
Orson - Ain't No Party (Seamus Haji Big Love Club Mix)(zshare)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

WWWednesday 14

Everything is a little late coming out of October break and Justice and all. This week, I learned that even 1/294th of a planaria will still regenerate in the proper conditions. That is immortality. If you're coming back for homecoming this weekend and still remember how to dance, make sure to make a showing at the VACA Halloween party on Friday night and the Danger Dance Party on Saturday night.

Big Blue Marble (Natchez) - Great story put to great music. In the vein of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but not so much. Just listen to it.
Muses (zhare)

Christopher Just - Let's just say Larry Tee knows his vocals. I think big band-tronica will be the next big thing.
Charleston (Larry Tee Vocal Mix) (zshare)

Earl Greyhound (Soft Targets) - Well, Pitchfork did love it. And we love it too. Good 'ol rock and roll.
It's Over (zshare)

Arms and Sleepers (Bliss Was it in that Dawn to be Alive) - Ambient electronica out of Cambridge, so you know it's smart.
Untitled (zshare)

Dexateens (Hardwire Healing) - 21st century southern rock. If you don't listen to the music, at least check out their friends on myspace. I didn't even know they had the internet down there.
What Money Means (zshare)

Delegation (bigstereo) - I <3 evertything that treasure fingers touches.
It's Your Turn (the Treasure Fingers edit) (zshare)

She Wants Revenge (This is Forever) - No matter what anyone says, I still like these guys. This album is great in the way the new VHS or Beta was to anyone that doesn't remember growing up in the 80's but thinks that they would have liked the music enough to enjoy living back then anyway.
Replacement (zshare)

Saint Bernadette (I Wanna Tell You Something) - Great Sunday morning music, depending on your type of Sunday I guess. A lot like Morcheeba.
I Own the City (zshare)

Voxbox (Voxbox) - Robot rock. Kick ass. Electronic parades.
Destination Unknown (zshare)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

World Class DJs

While taking a cigarette break this past Saturday night I had a short conversation with a German kid named something German who had just moved into Brooklyn a few months ago. According to him, everything good in the world comes from NYC--and from Brooklyn not Manhattan. While it was hard to back that claim up, since Europe was being represented by two of its best djs ever (Erol Alkan and Xavier from Justice), it was that point in the night when sweeping generalizations did sound more legitimate than usual.

So what makes Brooklyn so cool to Europeans? Fucking Studio B, at 259 Banker St. in Brooklyn NY. At any point in the year, this place always has the best lineups I've ever seen on this side of the Atlantic. The music is always ridiculous and there is no place better for an after party. If you made it to the Daft Punk after party, you know what I mean. In the case of this past weekend, it was no different: Erol Alkan is incredible and deserves to be labeled the best dj out of London today. And who else could follow him other than the shorter half of Justice? These guys were two of the most energized djs I've ever seen and it looked like the really enjoyed themselves the whole time. There was just something so enjoyable about watching the smile on Xavier's face while he was spinning American 90's pop music (Gettin Jiggy With It was a definate high point of the set) at 4:30 in the morning that I can't imagine why Busy P doesn't like coming to NY.

I can't possibly explain how amazing this show was, but I can point out that if you ever get a chance to party at Studio B, buy the will call, RSVP, and then dance your face off.

Justice - Waters of Nazerath (Erol Alkan remix)(zshare)

et justice pourtous....

well as expected, justice was a fucking event and a half. i nearly died in the mosh-pit in montreal and i loved it. 5 hours later we found ourselves in some warehouse with so me, busy p, xavier, gaspard, and more coked out french-canadian hipsters than you could shake a stick at. in short, epic. i can't speak for the new york show cause i didn't make it down, but according to dakota the afterparty at studio b with erol alkan was "incredible." i believe it. in honor of all that is justice, enjoy their two-hour BBC Radio1 Essential mix from last year. its ultra frais;)

Earth Wind And Fire ‘In The Stone’
Janet Jackson ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately’
Prince ‘Earthquake’
Dmx Crew ‘Unknown’
Daft Punk :’Musique’
Busy P ‘Rainbow Man’
France Gall ‘Musique’
Justice ‘Valentine’
Alan Braxe ‘In Love With You’
M83 ‘Run Into Flowers (Jackson Remix)’
Les Rythmes Digitales ‘Sometimes’
I Robot ‘Spacer Frau (Boys Noize Remix)’
Hall And Oates ‘Private Eyes’
Chromeo ‘Tenderoni’
Tepr ‘Minuit Jacuzzi (Data Remix)
Chic ‘Everybody Dance’
Midnight Juggernauts ‘Shadows’
Goose ‘Bring It On’
The Proxy ‘Destroy’
Zongamin ‘Double Dostiev’
Zombie Nation ‘Tape Me’
Boule Noire ‘Super Lady’
Chemical Brothers ‘It Doesn't Matter’
Tc Crew ‘Unknown’
Surkin ‘Unknown’
Dj Mehdi ‘Lucky Boy (Surkin Remix)’
Vamp ‘Outlander’
Fields ‘Unknown (Sebastian Remix)’
Feadz ‘Sekstyle’
Jamelia ‘Something About You (Mr Oizo Remix)’
Jesse Velez ‘Fire’
Justice ‘D.A.N.C.E’.(Live Version)
Surkin ‘Radio Fireworks’
Soundhack ‘Freakin’
Justice ‘Stress’
Zzt ‘Lower States’
Justice ‘Stress’
Scenario Rock ‘Both Gotta Move On’
Vanessa Paradis ‘Be My Baby’
The Ronettes ‘Be My Baby’
Breakbot ‘Happy Rabbit’
Jacques Dutronc ‘Les Cactus’
Justice ‘Dvno’
Kavinsky ‘Testarossa Autodrive’
LFO ‘Freak’
Mr Oizo ‘Lotus Suite Koln’
Autorepeat ‘Most Keys Are Auto Repeat’ (Soundhack)
Midnight Juggernauts ‘Into The Galaxy’
Buggles ‘Elstree’
Das Pop ‘Underground’
Gilbert O Sullivan ‘Alone Again (Naturally)’
Human League ‘Things That Dreams Are Made Of’
Savas Pascalidis ‘Defend It’
Rainbow Brothers ‘Unknown’
Chromeo ‘Ah Oui Comme Ca’
Leonard De Leonard ‘Leonizer’
Ian Pooley ‘Chord Memory –(Daft Punk Mix)’
Human League ‘Don't You Want Me’
The Prodigy ‘Girls’
Klaxons ‘Gravity’s Rainbow (Soulwax Remix)’
Paraone ‘Liege’
Daniel Balavoine ‘Vivre Ou Survivre’
Miss Kittin ‘Requiem For A Hit (Gegm Remix)’
Mr Oizo ‘Stunt’
Handycap ‘Murphy’
The Rave ‘Mother’
Fancy ‘Inside Of You’
Syreeta Wright ‘Sweet As Candy’
Modest Mussorgsky ‘Night On A Bald Mountain’
Joni Mitchell ‘California’

Justice - The Essential Mix 6/10/2007 (sendspace)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Where's the party at B

Tonight. You. Dance. Atwater suite H from 10pm until forever. H is for dancing. Flying fists, Tiger Beer, superstar DJs, here we go. see you there.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

WWWednesday 13

Another delicious wwwednesday for your listening enjoyment. In other news, I hear that there may be a party in atwater suite h this friday. Check back all this week for more goodness and updates on wrmc sponsored events.

Radiohead (In Rainbows) - yup. new radiohead album. and its epic.
Jigsaw Falling Into Place (zshare)

Matthew Dear (Don & Sherri EP) - awesome obscure disco mix of matthew dear.
Elementary Lover (DJ Koze Remix) (zshare)

San Serac (Professional) - Baby Dayliner + realer instruments.
Fairlight (zshare)

Soft (Soft Record) - i never have anything interesting/witty to say about rock music but this sounds nice.
Droppin (zshare)

Le Concorde (Suite EP) - postal service + steely dan = :)
I Want You Back (zshare)

DJ BK - a wrmc 91.1fm exclusive. whoever you are, don't change.
Intergalactic Ante (zshare)

Dizzee Rascal (Dave Spoon) - risky bizniz.....hmmmm.
Flex (Dave Spoon Refix)

Justice (Chris Hires) - Justice/T.Pain Blend? Really?
Valentine (Chris Hires' Bartender Blend) (zshare)

Rhianna (1928) - i really don't want to hear umbrella anymore but this still makes me dance.
Umbrella (1928 vs. VNDLSM) (zshare)

Hail Social (Philadelphyinz) - hail social + bmore = ;)
One U Love (Philadelphyinz Remix) (zshare)

M.I.A (Rene Goulet) - probably the best boyz remix
Boyz (Rene Goulet's Backside Bump Remix) (zshare)

Blaqstarr (L-vis1990) - this most certainly is a hyper bass joke.
Superstar (L-vis1990 Hyper Bass Re-Gash) (zshare)

Madonna (DJ Excel) - DJ Excel is so hot right now.
My Baltimore Angel (DJ Excel Remix) (zshare)

Cassie (Neon Coyote) - get Neon Coyote's D.A.N.C.E.P.A.R.T.Y mixtape here.
Me & U (Neon Coyote Remix) (zshare)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Slightly Morbid Monday

Here is the situation: the world is ending and you are all by yourself. Instant death is imminent but you are given the guarantee that it won't completely end until you've finished listening to one song of your choice. Like a final meal before a death penalty, but without the pain and anxiety; imagine a scenario like the end of season 2 of Lost where the sky just turns white and boom your atoms disassociate and you join the universe in an infinitesimal implosion.

So the question is, what song do you pick? Would you spend your last moments alive dancing and rocking out all by yourself? Would you rather watch the big bang serenely and peacefully through a window while listening to your favorite emo song that is embarrassingly always on your iTunes 25 most played list? Or would you try to cheat the system and just pick the longest song you can think of while you frantically masturbate as many times as you can before it finishes? Send your choice for Last Song Ever to me and we'll compile a playlist of the best songs to die to for next Monday.

Aphex Twin - Avril 14th (zshare)

Cease To Begin

For Band of Horses, the release of Everything All The Time in 2006 (whoa, that recently?) was met with mixed reviews. On the one hand, the cynics claimed we had yet another band making up for lack of musical umph by laying the reverb on the vocals with a heavy hand, and masking the questionable songwriting ability by composing genre-strattling, "elemental," ethereal, vaguely structured tracks. On the other were those who felt a chill from the majesty of the vocals and the energy emenating from the whirlwind of sound. I stood somewhere in between these romantic and formalist stances - I enjoyed the listening experience but did not feel compelled to add to the Sub Pop shrine in my closet. Yet.

I was taking a nap on the couch at 11pm amongst goblins and drunks when Dakota and Teenager covered my face with Cease To Begin (no literally, they actually lay the jewel case on top of my face). And what I have found with this one is not altogether much different than before, except for one crucial thing: you trust this one. You don't get a band that needs to try to be something. You get a band that writes songs with clear directions and that takes no note for granted - with some help of course. Much of the melodies seems to come straight from the notebook of label-mate James Mercer of The Shins with his strong pop sensibility and quirky hooks, while their presence, confidence, and range mirrors the veteranly steez of fellow Northwesterners Built to Spill. It really is quite a pleasure the whole way through, starting with the power anthem intro, "Is There A Ghost," the weepingly sad "No One's Gonna Love You," the syncopated, jumpy, twangy "The General Specific" (enter Mercer), to the angsty longing of "Cigarettes Wedding Bands" (all mp3's). It is not suggestive, it is direct - it is a journey, not a wandering. Move over Mr. Beam and Mr. Conchord, there's room for everyone. Right next to the candle. Er, actually you can just take Mr. Rogue Wave's place. They can go make out with Jack Johnson now on the Brushfire floor.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WWWednesday 12

In all seriousness, this is probably the best Ward Wolff Wednesday I've ever put together. half of these songs came in the mail this afternoon. which brings us to another important point: always check your mail. Til next week...

Band of Horses (Cease to Begin) - the band of horses follow-up is beautiful as expected. (but scroll down because this isn't even close to the best song posted here)
Is There A Ghost (zshare)

Belaire (Exploding Impacting) - so one night the guys from Oh No! Oh My! and Tegan and Sara got really drunk and...well you get the idea.
You Really Got Me Goin' (zshare)

Ticklah (Ticklah vs. Axelrod) - "Great background music for a joint." (Libby 2007)
Scratch To Win (zshare)

Enon (Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds) - Enon's 5th album!!!!
Paperweights (zshare)

Letters Letters (Letters Letters) - chaotic and beautiful. this album is kind of unbelievably amazing.
Want To (zshare)

The Fiery Furnaces (Widow City) - "Eccentrically Great!" (WRMC 2007)
Ex-Guru (zshare)

Les Savy Fav (Let's Stay Friends) - "Indie Post-Grundge...At times reminds me of Silverchair." (Unknown 2007)
Patty Lee (zshare)

Sondre Lerche (Dan In Real Life - OST) - this soundtrack is about as awesome as the About A Boy OST by Badly Drawn Boy. more importantly, its twice as sappy.
To Be Surprised (zshare)

Doveman (With My Left Hand I Raise The Dead) - thomas bartlett may not be able to raise the dead, but he can surely sing softly and sweetly (alliteration what!) for long periods of time.
Sunrise (zshare)

Sunset Rubdown (Random Spirit Lover) - i should have listened to dexter over at powder horn when he told me this was epic. more mindblowing from Spencer Krug (of Wolf Parade/Frog Eyes/Swan Lake fame).
Winged/Wicked Things (zshare)

Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree Family (Arcade Mode) - i <3 french pop music.
She Was Mine (zshare)

ESTAW (Palmsout) - estaw is tremendous. get his block baller mix here. now.
Rich Boy - Throw Some D's (ESTAW fix) (zshare)

VNDLSM (Goods & Services) - a new one from the upcoming EP from toronto's Very Nice Dave and Legendary Sweaty Murphy.
UH! OH! (zshare)

edIT (Certified Air Raid Material) - i can't even tell you how good this is.
Straight Heat (zshare)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Osheaga Montreal


Only now that the dust has slowly settled over Parc Jean Drapeau can we at WRMC make an adequate assessment of our most anticipated music festival of the summer. Or: it has taken me weeks to get around to writing this review.

Boarder Patrol Officer: Where ya headed?
Us: Montreal.
BPO: What's the purpose of your visit?
Us: A music festival, sir.
BPO: What is the festival called?
Us: Osheaga, sir.
BPO: OK, have a good trip.

Wait no, but like seriously, it was way more nerveracking than it seems. You should have seen his beady eyes. And the way he rubbed the edges of my passport. Almost like he knew. I was like pooping my pants.

But alas, it is only Canada. Good old Canada. French Canada. Or Freedom Canada as I like to say. WRMC's photo documentation, if only to prove that we were actually there:

The Clientele

Blonde Redhead


Thompson spent upwards of let's just say a large amount of money on some not-so-fresh strangely colored sushi. Sam's love is unconditional. Ward began to hallucinate and took this photo, thinking he was actually capturing the moon nibbling on a deer's rib.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

saturday night hotness...

thanks to all who came and danced their faces off saturday night. we'll see you again next week;)

Queen - Phat Bottom Girl (Dave Nada Remix) (zshare)
Rockaton - Your Bmore/Singing Sunday (zshare)

*photo creds and props go to miwa and dunkle