Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ward Wolff Wednesdays 6

This might be my favorite Ward Wolff Wednesdays ever; last night around 2:15 I picked half of the music over a mixed drink(s). This morning I sat down and tried to explain why. I think you'll be more than mildly suprised at the results.

Ben Davis & the Jetts
(Battle of the Beards) - I like this song. It's too hot out to write anything more.
Clash It (mp3)

(Records of the Damned) - May be the best thing I've heard since the third grade.
Magical 8-Bit Tour (mp3)

That Handsome Devil (That Handsome Devil) - I don't know what to say about this one. I like it a lot. It makes me laugh.
Dating Tipss (mp3)

Georgie James
(Need Your Needs) - Indie rock/pop doesn't get any purer than this. (more pure?)
Cake Parade (mp3)

The Bird & the Bee
(The Bird & the Bee) - I remember hearing this off of Music for Robots a couple months ago, but it's still good the second time around.
Again & Again (mp3)

Trembling Blue Skies (The Last Holy Writer) - Perfect for keeping cool on a hot sweaty day.
This Once Was an Island (mp3)

Architecture In Helsinki (Places Like This) - "People have hated on this but they shouldn't; this album is just what Architecture in Helsinki were doing before, but even better. I's kind of like the Transformers movie--you either get it or you don't." (Bobby Teenager, 2007)
Lazy (Lazy) (mp3)

Au Revoir Simone (The Bird of Music) - Annie, Erika and Heather. Marry me.
Sad Song (mp3)

Coyote Bones (Gentleman on the Rocks) - This album was recorded all over the place over 3 years of playing with musical friends across the country.
Fated to Fail (mp3)

(Mentor Tormentor) - Low register pop rock songs from California. It grows on you quickly.
Answers & Questions (mp3)

Ladybirds (Regional Community) - "If you're not in the right mood this could give you a killer toothache. But a toothache oh so sweet. I think this pretty much hits the "guilty pleasure" nail on the head. Or in the tooth." (Ward Wolff, 2007)
Regional Community Theater (mp3)

Meg Baird (Dear Companion) - Country/gospel straight arrow offerings from Drag City. Get it.
Do What You Gotta Do (mp3)

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