Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WWWednesday 15

Ok guys, sorry for the long time with no updates. If you've ever studied at Middlebury in October, you know that shit gets crazy. Right now I should be studying economics but the utility cost of getting out this new music is much higher (especially when half of it is from Sweden), so here goes:

Muscles (Guns Babes Lemonade) - Of course everyone has been dancing to this one for a while, but we just got the whole album in the station. so to celebrate, flex 'em.
Ice Cream (zshare)

The Mary Onettes (The Mary Onettes) - Genius. It's like if New Order got young again, changed their name and were from Sweden.
Pleasure Songs

Tempo No Tempo (Repetition EP) - East yayo rockers and their post-punk jerk-out sound from the new EP.
Repetition (zshare)

Coconut Records (Nighttiming) - WRMC <3 Jason Schwartzman!!!
West Coast (zshare)

Emily Jane White (Dark Under Coat) - Theme song from the new movie coming out, aptly titled "Wild Tigers I Have Known".
Wild Tigers I Have Known (zshare)

Kylie Minogue (X) - No, we actually don't have this album yet, but it's too exciting not to post this released track.
In My Arms (zshare)

The Hives (The Black and White Album) - Although these Swedes never really caught on in America, the album is still fun and rockin. Also, I heard they were in the studio with...Timbaland? And Pharrel?
Won't Be Long (zshare)

Joe Lally (Nothing is Overrated) - I can't stand Fugazi, but this song is dope.
Painfully Aware (zshare)

Lightspeed Champion (Galaxy of the Lost) - So after leaving Test Icicles, Devnote Hynes went to Omoha to record a folk album. That's right. And this song is also dope. And it's about the infamous nightclub in Middlebury.
Xanadu (zshare)

Anna Ternheim (Anna Ternheim) - (more) Swedish singer songwriter who also sings beautifully in English.
Today is a Good Day (zshare)

Cary Brothers (Who Are You) - Remember those guys that were famous for awhile from that song on the Garden State soundtrack? Well they released a whole album of that stuff this summer.
Ride (zshare)

Jens Lekman (Night Falls Over Kortedala) - Here is some of that sweet Swedish indie pop everyone's been talkin about. So much Sweden today...
If I Could Cry (zshare)

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