Monday, September 15, 2008

Why hello

Hey WRMC, my name is Taylor and im the electro manager. I also like to blog, and thought id throw some badass stuff up for WRMC.

Sisters of Transistors put out the track 'The Don' pretty recently, which was pretty great. However, it just got worked over by Acid Girls. They absolutely kill it. Check it

Sisters of Transistors - The Don (Acid Girls Grey Disco Remix)

Also, if ya wanna cop more great music, take a gander at my blog,


fleezer said...

lets have some electro then. can someone PLEASE stop the funk music, its been going on all summer and now into the fall?! please bring back the pre-summer playlists, something, anything other than this depressing funk.

thirdtry said...

depressing funk? sounds like an oxymoron to me. somebody must have an imbalanced groove-o-meter.

David said...

programming starts monday fleezer

fleezer said...

the thing is when there isn't regular programming the default music is still the dreadful funk music. can we bring back the pre-summer playlists? really anything but funk, anything at all

David said...

no. we like funk. we are funky.