Saturday, February 21, 2009

200 Million Thousand Billion Hundred Ones

The Black Lips have done it again. Their new album, which hits stores on Tuesday the 24th is a great work running on the heals of their 2007 release "Good Bad Not Evil." The latest effort, "200 Million Thousand," utilizes the sounds of 60's surf punk and Cole Alexander's drooling vocals to create another fine, sweat-lathered album. I usually can't stand it when bands abuse lo-fi, (Clap your hands say yeah's second album), but "200 Million Thousand" pulls it off in stunning fashion.

Get to the shelves of your local Walmart or Kmart or Target or Walbaum's or Super Stop this Tuesday and pay full price.

For now:

Starting Over - Black Lips


wardicus. said...

what the hell is walbaum's?

David said...

a store my nana used to find great discounts at!