Monday, June 29, 2009

Ween Hour

To celebrate the arrival of rock music's most eclectic duo, Ween, to Burlington's Waterfront, WRMC is having a daily WEEN HOUR. Everyday from 6-7pm we will be playing your favorite (or maybe not your favorite) Ween tunes. As Ween can range from country, to noise to pop to metal, this may sit strange in your eardrums. However, we like it that way.

The show is Saturday, July 11 with openers Antibalas, the extraordinary Afrobeat orchestra.

For tickets go HERE

For more Ween go HERE

More as the show approaches.


Anonymous said...

Please dedicate Poop Ship Destroyer (the version from Paintin' the Town Brown) of to former WRMC Late Night Manager Tyler Kremberg. Used to end almost every 3-6 am show with it.

WRMC Middlebury College said...

if only wrmc still had a late night manager.