Saturday, September 1, 2007


So you just released a major album in the hip-hop world and you want to expand your listening base to a more diverse audience. Like those crazy rave kids. So you package up your single, send it across the pond to Amsterdam and into the mailbox of dj ESTAW, who will crank up the tempo, drop four on the floor and add just enough saw-tooth synth to make everyone bounce just right. Voila: hoptronica at its finest.

50 Cent - I Get Money, Estaw Gets Cash Refix*
Pharoah Monche - Simon Says, Estaw Says Refix
Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push, Estaw, Coast Remix

*courtesy of Discobelle


bobby teenager said...

you and your photoshoping are ridiculous. i love it

Jason said...

amsterDAM that beat is fresh is right. Estaw for life.