Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So...what happened?

Well, for now Bush is keeping 160,000 troops in Iraq until next summer and then cutting back to 130,000. Petraeus "doesn't know" whether the surge is making America safer. 50 Cent "might not make another solo album". And Led Zepplin "might have confirmed that they are reuniting". Conflicts make headlines and headlines can convince you to pay more taxes or buy shitty hip-hop albums and at the end of the day, somebody makes a lot of money. And it's probably Robert Murdoch.

If everybody in the world banged their heads against a wall at the same time, there would be enough friction energy created to power the bombing of a small Iraqi village. Luckily, yesterday nobody even blinked an eye.

Oh, and Kanye's album is sooo much better.

Kanye West - Good Life ft. T-pain


fleezer said...

ok whats the song played around 9:20pm 9/12 'flashlights... closer'
damn, heard it this summer also

WRMC Middlebury College said...

its the end of a 40min mix by dj sta ( its his remix of what else is there by royksopp and i know, its epic

Rachael said...

rupert murdoch. and SO MUCH BETTER.