Friday, December 14, 2007

Basserk Sampler

Basserk: the newest Euro electronica label channeling their freshest electro, punk and pistolpop out of Amsterdam. Started by Tom Schivez (Mex), Peerte Trunt(S)and Rufus Baxendale (UK) in 2005, these guys are on to something. The latest mix called Some Tunes features music from all of their big new acts including Melomanics, Genjini, Sneakthief and other artists I've never even heard of. The music is bumpin with enough pop glitch to tear your head up a little bit. Their website advertises great taste in electronica no matter what the sub-genre because they "love music, not just one style." Cool, but all I wanna do is dance.

Genjinji - Das Funkistador (zshare)

MeloManics - Wysiwyl (zshare)

Nobody Beats the Drum - Turn up the Box (zshare)


rairai said...

oh i really want to be the 20,000th person to hit this blog up!

rairai said...

booyah- 20,000th hit!!
finding ways to entertain myself while on crutches is fun.
congrats wrmc!