Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Grum is yet another british boy wonder with a preternatural sense for producing disco-infused electro-house bangers. but rather than erring on the side of metal, like some of his french contemporaries, Grum opts for funk. and funky he is. think alan braxe, fred falke, or even thomas bangalter in the mid to late 90s. his pounding, intricately layered synths, beats, and bass lines are enough to blow your mind, but have just enough disco to keep your head on your shoulders and your booty shaking in your pants;) Epic.

and if that wasn't enough for you....
01. GRUM – “Whoah”
02. Sidechains – “Bassnova”
03. DJ DLG – “Paramount (Roger Seventytwo Remix)”
04. Daft Punk – “Voyager (Revolte Remix)”
05. GRUM – “Love Disco”
06. Shazam – “Pool Party”
07. Thomas Bangalter – “Falling In Love”
08. Yelle – “Ce Jeu (Fisk Remix)”
09. Revolte – “Ironical Sexism (GRUM Remix)”
10. Chic – “Le Freak”
11. GRUM – “Mexico”
12. T.E.D.D – “Sneak”
13. Armand van Helden – “You Don’t Know Me (GRUM Remix)”
14. Edwin van Cleef – “The Rise of the Idiots”
15. GRUM – “Go Back”
16. GRUM – “Catch Your Breath”
17. Felix Da Housecat – “Radio (Shinichi Osawa Remix)”
18. GRUM – “Heartbeat”
19. Lifelike – “So Electric”
20. Anoraak – “Nightdrive With You”

p.s. many many thanks to pants over at palms out sounds for the education

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