Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mos Def pushes hip hop that has not been stepped on.

"The Bible, Koran or the Ten Crack Commandments? Speak on it god. What is today's mathematics?" Lyrically thick tracks demand reflection after your fist hit of Mos Def's The New Danger (2004). As he exclaims "War is a global economic phenomenon" I can't help but wish that he hyphenated the twice said phrase with "I'll say it again." In "Grown Man Buisness." he makes a dirty reference to The Wire's lovable Barksdale crew. Shuggie Otis' appearance ensures a recurrence on blue that will tighten the cyclical evolution of hip hop. With ill guerrilla tactics of lyrical subversion, the new danger makes $hip.hop quiver like a prom night virgin.

y.e.a. yea if you get it.
Keep it CHUNKY.

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