Tuesday, July 15, 2008

monsters having fun, happy happy!

omg omg.
first there was my personal #1 crush and middlebury fave andrew bird as dr. stringz.
now mega-cutie feist takes on sesame street with a slight adaptation of her mega-hit for the preschool set. in my mind this redeems it post-ipod-commercial-selling-out.
i especially like when she says "chickens just back from the shore" because something about that just smacks of new jersey.

reminds me of my first taste of the joys of alternative rock:

although, nothing will take the place of my ALL TIME fave:
the oinker sisters.

(ps: that right there is especially for my momma)
(pps: after re-watching those a few times, i think my early love of these videos says a lot about me as a person)
(ppps: i dare you to watch all three and not be really really happy)


wardicus. said...


now that's some quality propaganda for a generation of liberal kids.

rachael said...



i also like this one, for its purely groove-related qualities.

Alexis Carrasquillo said...

I still sing "New Way to Walk" all the time.