Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bishop Allen & The Broken String

Epiphanies are not a rare occurance in the Champlain Valley, especially here on Middlebury campus. And it's not unreasonable for two of us to have an epiphany within the same hour. But when they both happen while listening to the same new album, it can be said with scientific certainty that said album is an epiphany-promoter (p<.05). As I listened to Bishop Allen & the Broken String, I secretly prayed that it would never stop raining outside and that this album would never stop playing. Even though fans already know many of these songs from previous eps and live recordings, this was my first time--and it didn't hurt at all. Says Bobby Teenager: "You believe everything he says and every note that they play. This is real music, and from beginning to end you never forget that. Nothing feels forced or out of place. You simply accept that this is good music." While posting a couple songs out of context of the whole album does little justice to this day-changing piece of work, they represent why we still have hope for good new music and authentic songwriting and rainbows at the end of the storm. And puppy dogs too.

Bishop Allen--Rain(mp3)
Bishop Allen--Click, Click, Click, Click(mp3)
Bishop Allen--Corazon(mp3)

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