Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ward Wolff Wednesdays 5

Sorry about the delay, some very important people showed up two days ago and we had to do very important things. Like when we bought a terabyte.

Bottom of the Hudson (Fantastic Hawk) - Bobby says, "As expected, Pitchfork hates on good Emo. Bottom of the Hudson though, have made the jump from lo-fi to highly produced rock and have done it gracefully. The next album should be dirty." Bobby eats Pitchfork for breakfast.
Fantastic Hawk (mp3)

Dean & Britta (Tuned to Love) - Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips from Luna; they wrote the score to The Squid and the Whale. And this song is pretty too.
Singer Sing (mp3)

Bitter, Bitter Weeks
(Peace is Burning Like a River) - Ward said that he wished he had found this earlier this summer. That could have changed EVERYTHING.
Writing Letters (mp3)

The Loose Salute (Tuned to Love) - This song really sums up why summer is America's favorite season. Pour it over strawberries and eat on a beach towel.
Death Club (mp3)

Scissors for Lefty (Underhanded Romance) - This is the band that radio station Live105 in San Francisco picked to represent local music at their BFD festival this year. One time I got to dj an hour long set on Live105.
Next to Argyle (mp3)

Oh No! Oh My! (Between the Devil and the Sea) - twee 4 me 4 evr. they r pretty. pretty great. The Party Punch (mp3)

Common (Finding Forever) - New Common? With Lily Allen? Dagnammit, I'll bet it's good.
Drivin' Me Wild(w/Lily Allen) (mp3)

Christian Keifer (Dogs and Donkeys) - "With help from members of Low, Wilco, and The Band, this is a a great piano-and guitar-led rainy day narrative." (Ward Wolff 2007)
Economic Theory (mp3)

K-os (Collected) - K-os just released a compilation of his great work thus far. This is the first of his that I heard a couple years ago and still one of my favorites.
Man I Used to Be (mp3)

The Asteroid #4 (An Amazing Dream) - "...fuzzy large landscape instrumentals and solid vocals with effects that color them, not create them." ok Ward, go back to Breadloaf.
Outside (mp3)

Phonograph (Phonograph) - Seriously, this sounds just like a new and very enjoyable Tom Petty album.
Parsons White (mp3)

Laura Veirs (Saltbreakers) - Laura Veirs' is enjoyable like Skittles and Vodka. We highly recommend both and want some more, yes please.

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