Friday, July 27, 2007

What are you doing tonight?

Well, if you're in the Great Hot North, then you are heading to the 1/2 Lounge in B-town to hear Mr. Requina spin all your favorites. That's right, Charles Requina (aka Chaz from Chazology) is DJing a party in Vermont! I know Ward, Dakota, Groutypants, Rai Rai, and I will be there dancing our faces off. Shouldn't you be there too? (also, hoptronica is my new favorite word;)

p.s. chaz, fix yo blog!


fleezer said...

you guys are the best, even better than the best stations in boston, like 90.3. your taste in dance music is right where it needs to be. when im at my place in vt i have to tape up antenna wires to the wall to get recepetion but fuck its beyond worth it.

i only wish you had summer playlists, otherwise ill have to ask here...

fleezer said...

like is that dragonette remix midnight juggernauts? i think it is

bobby teenager said...

thank you, we very much appreciate your kind words. and both the midnight juggernauts and the van she tech remixes of i get around are on there.

it sucks our automation program can't sync with the blog/website to post playlists. i'll try to post the playlist sometime in the next couple weeks though.

and keep listening cause we'll be expanding our server and updating rotation soon.