Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ward Wolff Wednesdays 3

This music is so good, it hurts to listen to. Almost as much as Dakota's wrist hurts right now.

Gouseion. (Puisne) - If these beats had lyrics, they'd be cooler than the other side of your pillow.
Turing Test(mp3)

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly (The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager) - Sweetest band name ever. Their songs are also good.
Call Me Ishmael(mp3)

Mountaineer (When the Air is Bright They Shine) - Soft pop melodies and lazy, lo-fi vocals. Also, the lead singer is named Henning Wandhoff.
A Line for Every Letter(mp3)

Anaïs Mitchell (The Brightness)- Don Mitchell's daughter. "...she has some serious storytelling skillz and a pretty raw sound - pretty and raw, that is." (Christina Spencer 2007)
Your Fonder Heart(mp3)

Against Me! (New Wave) - Ward likes this "political folk-punk band" alot. Ward knows his shit.
Thrash Unreal(mp3)

Iron And Wine (Boy with a Coin EP) - "I don't know if I'm ready for the september release. Maybe I'll lisen a copule hundred more times before then. Like, to prepare. Caution: listen to track 3 while seated." (Ward Wolff 2007)
Kingdom of the Animals(mp3)

Joan as Police Woman (Real Life) - Joan as Police Woman has been doing her thing for some time. With Real Life you can certainly tell: "...this has the edge and excitement of a debut with the polish of a veteran." (Ward Wolff 2007)
I Defy(mp3)

Black Moth Super Rainbow (Dandelion Gum) - "Crazy dudes in the woods (seriously)..." (Ward Wolff 2007)
Sun Lips(mp3)

Frog Eyes (Tears of a Valedictorian) - "Think of any adjective and it will fit. Love it." (Ward Wolff 2007)
Idle Songs(mp3)

Dntel (Dumb Luck) - I've been in love with Jenny Lewis since she starred alongside Fred Savage in The Wizard (and I always will be;).
roll on (ft. Jenny Lewis) (DTAS)(mp3)

Bat for Lashes (Fur and Gold) - "Harpiscords and lutes. Pretty pretty." (Dakota 2007)
The Wizard(mp3)

Of Montreal (Suffer for Fashion EP) - "Extras from the last Of Montreal album with a really long name." (Dakota 2007)
Du Og Meg(mp3)

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